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    Unhappy Linux help

    I need to install some software but am new to linux so I don't really know how. I would love it if anyone could help me

    I'm running mandrake 8.2 and the file is a .run file. but every time I go and double click on it, it opens in a text editor. How do i get it to install.

    Thank you again,
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    I think you should just get the .src or the .rpm of it, because both of those are easy installs. I'm sure whatever software it is that you're trying to install has a version in one of those formats.

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    ummm, .run? I haven't even heard of that. get a .rpm or .src ( like jehnx said ) or even a .bin.

    It should have come with instructions also. Although, it is possible that .run is just some guys way of saying it is either a .bin (which you probably couldn't read in a text editor) or a shell script.

    Does it start with a line like #!/usr/bin ???
    If so, it is a shell script. In that case, open a terminal window. Change directories until you get to the directory the file is in. Then type(without the quotes) "chmod +700 filename" Then type "./filename" to run the file.
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    In Mandrake 8.1 you can make it an excutable:
    chmod +x yourfile.run

    then it's simply a case of


    Let me know if it helped

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