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    ok, i know how to configure my own proxy setup. nobrainer. i want to try my hand at some chain proxies. is there a good program out there that works, and would get me on my way perhaps? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can install AnalogX proxy on several computers, it takes proxy settings from Internet Explorer for the next one in the chain, and the previous in the chain just set up its IE to connect to the other.

    I.E --> Proxy & IE --> Proxy & IE --> Proxy & IE ... --> Proxy & IE --> Internet

    For example.

    Hope that helps in some way.
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    Rewebber is cool ask them and they'll give you a free trial day.

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    proxies.for staying anonymously. If you have IE go to tolls ..internet options and check out the settings..there you can give proxy address.

    For proxies give a search in google..make sure that they are anonymous proxies as some give out your real ip.

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