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Thread: my mouse hang after stanby

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    my mouse hang after stanby

    im using windows 98se. everytime after my comp stanby my mouse will hang. and i need to restart my comp, to go back to norma. plz give advise

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    I turned off "standby mode" in ever windows computer I have ever used. I have that problem quite a bit. They never seem to come back to life. Although in my case, its more then just the mouse hanging. If it were just the mouse, I wouldn't have been so worried, because you can do just about anything you need with the ctrl, alt, and and 2 "windows" keys.

    Anyway, right click on your desktop
    go to properties
    Click the Screen Saver tab.
    At the bottom is the Energy saving features...click settings
    Set your power scheme to "Always On"
    Set the monitor and hard disks to "Never turn off"

    Then you shouldn't have to worry about "standy mode"
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    If u *really* like standby u can try these,
    ill give u a link as its hard to explain...and i cant be bothered

    Might help.....


    If not, you can try removing the Advanced Power Management Support from device manager in system properties (its under system devices) and restarting ur box.

    Hope these help....

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    Standby mode in windows is generic, as are their "power" settings. I suggest disabling everything from screen savers to standby modes to turning off hard drives. The only thing I would set is the screen blank after 20 minutes or so. Everything else Windows never seems to get back, including USB mouse control/etc. I've even seen a hard drive that got "turned off" by Windows not come back, and that's an interesting sight. Fortunately nothing's damaged but the OS sure as hell didn't like it.

    If you still want power management, I'd do it at the motherboard level. Most motherboards of a 2 year or more recent build have WAY advanced power management capabilities. Trust hardware, not Windows. Linux/Unix/Macs are a different story as they don't have n00bie c0d3r5 working for them just out of college.
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    thank q everbody

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    Only computers that need standby mode are laptops.
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    I've had the same sort of problems with Win98. I would agree with Vorlin about most of this.
    I've found Standby mode completely realiable if you set it up the way he suggested (no screen saver, and with disk drives in power management properites set to never in the "turn off hard disks" option). On a desktop PC this means that your monitor will switch to power saving mode, and also any buffered data will be saved to your hard drive, so that if you have to restart, you will not loose any data. I think this is slightly better than letting a blank screen saver kick in, as entering Standby mode ensures you won't loose any data.
    I believe the problem with hard disks is a timing issue, to do with windows locking the drive when it is shutting down conflicting with the hard drive being spun down. And the time a hard disk is most likely to fail is when it is spun up to full speed, so shutting them down on a desktop PC is a false economy.

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