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    What are the benefits of running YDL on a Mac OSX box? It appears that OSX is BSD under the hood. Is installing YDL redundant?

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    Not really. OS X, from what I've seen, has some limitations to it in regards to BSD. And I think it's more towards NeXT than BSD but I could be wrong on that.

    Also, if you want more of a Linux flavour (SVR4) than BSD, you could slap on YDL. There are more apps available for YDL right now than OS X, although I expect that will change in time.
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    Well..., the part of MacOS X that is based off of BSD..., and NeXT is called Darwin. It is both very different and very similiar to *nix at the same time. There are prgrams that don't like Darwin, but there are a lot that do.

    Personally, I would say pick one or the other. I don't even know if MacOS X and YDL would play nicely as a dual boot, and even if they did, you can only use one at a time...

    As choosing between them, I have MacOS X on a 400mhz G3 w/1024MB of RAM, I really like the OS. Simply because it is derived from BSD has a command line, and can compile many source files for programs successfull, OpenOffice works on MacOS X, BitchX, Gimp, ... I have MacOS X set up with an X11 server, so that I can work in the Aqua interface and then have KDE, GNOME, etc Windows running programs.

    YDL is a very nice Linux flavor. I really wish I had a second Mac to load YDL on (actually I am thinking that when I upgrade from my G3 that it will become my YDL box, and the new one will be MacOS X).

    Really, it depends on what you need. Do you need M$Office? Do you need Photoshop? Flash? Shckwave? In other words, is there any reason to stay with OS X?

    If you do choose YDL and don't like it..., its not really a problem to wipe your box clean and reinstal OS X...

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    Anyone of you wanna try "FINK", the Fink project is an Open Source project that enables Mac OS X users to run Linux software on their Macs.
    Here's the link http://fink.sourceforge.net/

    I've been thinking to buy Macs next month to replace my old laptop and I think Macs is cool one..(never have one before) .

    I just read this news
    A few days ago we featured an interview with one of Fink's project leaders regarding their package management solution which breeds more Unix software to MacOSX. Today, we host an interview with Jordan Hubbard regarding the DarwinPorts, speaking for the DarwinPorts Team which a similar effort to bring more Unix software on Mac OS X. Jordan is currently working at Apple and OpenDarwin (while many will know Jordan as the FreeBSD co-founder).
    Check out the link http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3289

    I cannot wait to have one next month..Can someone please tell me how good Macs is..?
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    My family and I are considering becoming full-time missionaries. We are considering purchasing a used Powerbook G3. I do not want to be downloading drivers or replacing dlls in the middle of the Philippines via a slow dialup connection. I just want my computer to work. I hear that Macs are very robust and are built to last.

    I have been using and loving linux for over two years now. Now that OSX has BSD under the hood, the Mac might be the way for us to go. The other option is go purchase a cheap used Dell laptop and put linux on it. The laptop my work gave me is running RH 9 on a Dell Inspiron 4000. It is my primary work machine. Wish I could just keep this one, oh well.

    Mac hardware is very tough, and is built to last. I heard of a guy who has never turned off his Powerbook in over two years. He just puts it to "sleep" at night and plugs it in. My organization also has old Macintosh Centris computers that we use for children's games and such. They still boot up everymorning and run just fine.

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