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Thread: Today is a Sad Day: CBDTPA/SSSCA

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    Angry Today is a Sad Day: CBDTPA/SSSCA

    Today is a sad day. I hate getting news like this before I even start the day!
    March 27, 2002

    Promote Consumer Use of Broadband and Prevent Digital Piracy!

    Dear Colleague

    I invite you to join me in supporting legislation that would
    encourage demand for broadband Internet service and protect
    creative enterprise from the threat of digital piracy.

    The promise of the Internet has not been fully met. While
    consumers have unprecedented access to information resources
    on the web, there is still a demand for more. Congress has
    recently debated ways to better serve our constituents by
    improving access to broadband Internet service, yet the demand
    for this technology is severely lacking. This is simply
    because consumers can't get what they want -- high quality
    digital content like movies, music, and video games.

    The reason for this has become very clear. Our nation's
    creative enterprises have been hesitant to offer their
    products over the Internet out of fear of piracy --
    intellectual theft. And their concerns are justified. The
    movie studios estimate that they lose over $3 billion annually
    to piracy, yet private industry has stalled in developing
    technology to prevent this illegal activity.

    I would like to direct your attention to the following op-ed
    written by Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of Disney.
    Mr. Eisner points out the profound historical significance of
    intellectual property rights and draws on one early and
    aggressive advocate of protecting such property rights, the
    16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

    I plan to introduce legislation that would safeguard digital
    content by spurring the rapid development of copyright
    protection technology. Similar legislation, S. 2048, has been
    introduced in the Senate by Senators Hollings, Stevens,
    Inouye, Breaux, Nelson and Feinstein. I believe this is a
    necessary step and I encourage you to join me in this effort.

    If you have any questions or would like to become an original
    cosponsor, please contact me or Jen Briggs of my staff at

    Adam B. Schiff
    Member of Congress
    Just briefly reading that, i see many flaws, and one very misled individual. The software industry has had to combat piracy for years now. I don't see them rushing to the government trying pass legislation. They have adapted. Such as Free Trials, and Demo's.

    I post quite a bit on this topic, because I feel that, it is very important that we, (yes I am including everyone) know about this. If something like this does get passed. The entire world will be affected, not only the USA. Perhaps it will bring a massive amount of "black market" entrepreneurs into being. Who knows. It will also, make people who do not want to give up their freedom from upgrading their exisiting computer system. Which would then stifle the evolution of computers, as we know it.

    One thing, i have thought about, which could possibly get the average Jane, all fired up about this is, is to say, that the Porn Industry would profit from this. Seeing as how you couldn't pirate porn movies. (pure speculation of course) But it might work.

    Read More:

    Story on Wired.com
    Who is Paying Adam Schiff?
    What the CBDTPA would do
    Speak to your senators

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    Always take anything form you Member of Congress/Member of Parliament with a grain of salt.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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    if anyone wants to check out further reading on this federal copyright--protection crap-

    McCullagh, Declan. “Anti-Copy Bill Slams Coders”. Wired News, March 22, 2002.

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    "The promise of the Internet has not been fully met." -Schiff

    That statement bugs me the most. WTF? The attitude that everyone is 'entitled' to everything pisses me off to no end. That whole press release is a groveling attempt to garner public favor, with hidden results included. I realize that politicians are just doing their job, but come on! Grrr! Next time the mail will include a link to sue Internet providers for not providing virtual reality...(hey!, it's possible, why can't we try it too?...I think I deserve it!)

    It pains me to think that some people eat this stuff up like candy, and let ideas be placed in their heads without a second objective thought about it... Remember when everyone in the US got pissed because some guy in Japan called us 'fat and lazy'...he was closer to the truth than most people realize. Grrr...i'm pissed...sorry everyone if i'm not making much sense...

    In closing...the world doesn't OWE anyone ANYTHING, and don't let others tell you or anyone else try to tell you what to think...modern politics rely on exploiting the unawareness of the average person...get the f**k up, read a newspaper, read a website on the "not fully met" internet, read a book...just f**king LEARN something about anything...the death of thought is what will kill all of us, not a virus nor a bomb...Grrr!...

    "We don't need no education...we don't need no thought control..." -- Pink Floyd

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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