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    Network Question

    Hi! I have a friend that is currently having some questions about a network. Here's his problem. He needs to transfer files from an IBM AS/400 with an RPI modem to some Windows 2000 network. What hardware/software is necessary on each side to make this happen? (He'd normally receive files via email attachment, or ftp, or disc/tape, but apparently this will not be possible with his current situations due to some sorta problem. Does he need an RPI modem on the Windows 2000 side as well, or just software, or is standard Windows 2000 able to communicate with an RPI modem "as is"?)

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    While I'm afraid I can't answer your question about the RPI modem, I do know that your friend can pcik up a cheap NIC for his IBM at any computer show for about $5-$10 or your local Best Buy for $15-$20. Setting up the networking between the to machines shouldn't require anything more than NetBIOS which is poart of the OS. That's probably going to be the easiest route. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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    hmm ok.. first question.. is this over a LAN? or over the internet..

    and i think you should try file sharing.. that is the easy way to transfer files from one computer to another.. its like transfering a file from one folder to another but this time its not a folder.. its a computer.. and your friend should also check his rights and privilages over that share.. if he is allowed to upload and download files from that network.

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