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Thread: Partitioning My Harddrive

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    Question Partitioning My Harddrive

    I have downloaded Mandrake Linux and I am going to burn it onto a CD soon. I hear it is good to partition your harddrive when you add another operating system. I have a C and D drive. The C drive contains the majority of the memory will the D drive only contains about 2GB. I am wondering if I can just install Mandrake onto the D drive? Can I make the capacity of the D drive larger? Am I going to have to make a whole new partition? Someone please help me out. Thanks.

    Oh yeah...if I do have to make a whole new partition, how do I do it?

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    Well, there's quite a few different ways you can do that. But first you need to think what you want, build your strategy so to speak. Linux needs it's own partition, which will have it's own format, different from vfat. A program that will suit your needs perfectly and is extremely easy to use is partition magic. You can pm me if you'd like to talk more about partition magic.

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    You could use Fdisk and make a few partitions but you would loss all your data. I think you can install Mandrake 8.1 on a windows partition. Not sure about this it was 4am when I installed Linux so I might have been hallucinating when I saw that option. I'm sure one of the Linux experts around here might know something about that.

    I installed Mandrake and found it to be painless.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    How large are your hard drive/s??. What is your perpose for wanting to install Mandrke (Besides the fact that linux Ownez). Curiosity, web server, ect ect? If this is your first time installing Linux, and you are just testing the water so to speak. Then 2 GB should be fine. I dont use mandrake (DEBIAN IS KING) so I am not shure what all comes with. But I would have to say install the base system, and then add to it. Learn how to compile and install from source. That way you get a real feel for the system. Once you have figured out how to manage your linux install, then you can decide on how you may want to repartition your drive/s. With any luck you will get rid of Microcrap, and run a good OS. By the way Lindows is coming soon. It will be the best of both worlds. www.lindows.com
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    what Valor said is the best soloution , with partition magic you can play with your HDD partitions, making larger or smaler. But I would like to remined you someting, may be you know them but any way.
    It is better to set up every OS on a primary partition not extended logical, and also use "system commander" or "osl2000" for multibooting ( having several OS on one HDD).

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    Here a post i wrote up a while ago after i dual booted my Comp with windows ME and SusE Linux 7.3 have a read it might help.


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    My C drive has a capacity of 12.6 GB. My D drive has a capacity of 3.15GB. So you guys think I should get partition magic and create a whole new drive and then install Linux on there? Or should I put it on my D drive.

    And will I have to worry about screwing up windows when I am partitioning and installing Linux. This will be my first time. Should I backup files on windows, or do I have to worry about that..

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    Oh yea, I am going to be using Linux mainly as a webserver so I can test out scripts.

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    Where can I download a full version of Partition Magic?

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