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Thread: Partitioning My Harddrive

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    you dont need partion magic, most Linux distro's have a partion manger within them, go to the link i gave i my last post it has alot of info there and a few links that would be of help.

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    What all u said basicaly boils on to one thing...u are new with linux and just need a web server my opinion 2GB is fine for this job....the in built partition manager (Disk Durid or likes) will do the job ....but there is a problem .......if ur d drive is not the first partition (which i assume it isint)then most of the linux ver. will fail to load or lilo will fail to install..i hope that does not happen with get around this problem u will have to make the d drive ur first partition ...using Par. Magic or Rashin' Partition Magic(FreeWare)
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    Yes, exactly, I've had a couple run ins with the same problem as coolnads said. PM cured it right up. Also, the demo on their site will not let you actually change anything, only a simulation...yay for demos? bleh.

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    Ok, so alls I have to do is make the d drive my 1st partition with PM (which i found). Will this screw up anything on my C drive? Will I notice a change in anything if the D drive is my first partition??

    And I still have to burn linux onto a cd. How do I do this. I have 3 ISO files and md5sums.82 file and the readme file. How do I burn these, do I have to do it a certain way? Do they go on different discs? Someone please help me. And then after I burn them, how do I actually install the OS?...

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    after 3 linux installs on lappy, i too am into my 1st dual-boot attempt. i think that most included software (disk druid,etc) will do a "destructive" partition so you'd have to have at least 1 full backup of your old windowsX sys. you could, however, compress all the data on your drive, effectively makeing another partition that windows "owns". then use the disk druid,or whatever to blow that partitiona away and make a new one out of that space for your new OS. :-))

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    Ehh.. I didn't really get what you said. This is my first time installing linux and partitioning. I am a newbie in this field.

    I am going to do this:

    Make a new partition which will be 2 GB. Then I am going to make another partition for Linux Swap. Then install Linux.

    How does that sound?

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    Hey Bilo,

    If you are using PM, create your linux partition, then create the swap partition from your linux partition. Then, install Linux. When it asks to format the partition, keep close eye to what it's asking and what it's doing. A friend of mine lost his FAT and had to reinstall both Linux and Windows

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    Thanks tyger, now I am just having trouble burning the ISO's. Nero keeps freezing up on me when it gets to the burn process...any help?

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    Exactly what is the problem? Does it tell you something or just the computer just hang?

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