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Thread: The Urinal Etiquette test

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    Talking The Urinal Etiquette test

    Noticed some other bathroom humor on the board tonight. If you're bored, why not take the urinal etiquette test? http://user.mc.net/~uder/funny/urinal.html
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    Hehe, Ive seen a flash version of this on http://www.twistedhumor.com
    I lost on the last part, I chose #3 so you would be closer to the door :-/

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    I am so happy to be a girl....I would never ever get to pee, I would be too worried about the rules...
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    Its funny because its ture.
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    And now for a somewhat practical question: Would you consider it offensive if you were at 1/6 and another guy decided to use a stall instead of using the opposite urinal?
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