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Thread: Title on new thread posts

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    Title on new thread posts

    Not really a bug at all just thought this was the place for this. I made a spelling mistake in one of my new thread post title, when I went in and edited this mistake I noticed that the larger font above the thread did not change and in fact still is not changed yet the title within the post itself did. Also this mistake was not altered on my profile under the last 20 posts by user. Nothing really important just thought I would point it out.
    The post is http://www.antionline.com/showthread...696#post484696


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    Greetings All:

    Yes, we do this on purpose. You can edit the "subject" of your message when you post it, and that's it. If your message is the first in the thread (aka, starting a new thread), then the subject of your message also becomes the title of the thread. The thread title, and other thread attributes, can not be edited for any number of reasons.

    thanks for pointing this out though.

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