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Thread: The first combo to pass firehole, too leaky.......etc ISS ROCKS!

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    The first combo to pass firehole, too leaky.......etc ISS ROCKS!

    WOW! I'm so excited to share this with the whole community. Your most disrespcted BlackICE is the best firewall now with Advaced app control. I ran the Firehole and TooLeaky test against it, and guess what, they had totally failed. BlackICE detected them trying to access the internet espically for TooLeaky. Howerver, Firehole was much more complicated, it hooked itself to all running apps and so, I had to terminate all of them. I contacted Kerio regard these hole 2 days ago, and today, they reply saying that TooLeaky will fail to access the internet in their next release, but however, Firehole might still be on the loose. So, this proved that ISS ROCKs! Too bad BlackICE have to kill the program that Firehole was hooking to........ WELL WELL WELL, what the heck are you wait for? Upgrade your BlackICE to version 3.5!

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    I hate to burst your bubble....but here's a little "cut and paste" from grc.

    NetworkICE's BlackICE Defender Update
    Apparently Designed to Mislead its Users

    Eleven Months after the release of our first, simple, but effective and popular (2,584,291 downloads) LeakTest firewall testing utility, BlackICE Defender (BID) continues to "leak" as defined by LeakTest. But a recent update to BID (version 2.9cai) was hiding this fact from its users by effectively cheating the LeakTest.

    Rather than enhancing BlackICE Defender by adding the sort of application-level controls that are available even from many completely free personal firewalls, BID's publisher, NetworkICE, apparently chose to prevent LeakTest's intended operation by adding specific awareness to BID of LeakTest's remote testing IP.

    You can read it for yourself here.

    It is a rather old article and perhaps BlackIce have changed their act but they'll always be fraudulent in my eyes....

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    Um...... that's version 2.9cai. However, with version 3.5, ISS inserted a brand new App. Control. Why can't people actually try things before they even post here? VERSION FREAKING 3.5, NOT THE OLD FREAKING DAME 2.9. DOWNLOAD YOUR DEMO VERSION OF 3.5 AT HTTP://WWW.DOWNLOAD.COM


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    People people people! Expand your knowledge by trying to accecpt new things. Don't stay in the past where everything basically sucks...

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    BlackIce has proven itself to be a fraud when it comes to passing the above mentioned test. How can you trust it now? We just had a HUGE thread on the benefits of running two firewalls and your going to leave your security up to a firewall that's a known cheater?

    Anyway, lawrence, it's your box and you can do what you like. Like I said, BlackIce may have changed it's tune and that's great. I just wanted people to know that BI has previously cheated on the Leaky test.....so think carefully before you spend your hard earned cash on a software firewall. Especially when there are so many FREE alternatives....

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    It is true that BID created a "Cheat" in their previous version, and it is true that there are plenty of good free firewalls available.

    However, there are many who have been hammering v3.5 to run it through some paces and so far it holding up as a legitimate contender.

    Additionally, we must keep our eyes open as the near future will see a decline in "free" firewall software availability. Or, at best, free with minimal capabilities. Most home users on a single station will probably be fairly well covered by the free versions for the next year or two, but most of the producers are already leaning towards "limited free", pay for advanced, in the very near future.
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    3.5 may work, it may not. The point is, 2.9 appeard to work, but didn't. It looked for the too leaky program, and killed that one program. Anything else could get through.

    I think 3.5 may be good, BUT it is still a pay for program. As far as personal firewalls go, I am NOT going to pay for one. If you have an antivirus program on your computer that watches for trojans, then the too leaky and firehole tests are worthless. They are trojan simulators, but if you av doesn't allow you to get a trojan......
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    I understand your position souleman, many subscribe to the idea that if you have all unecessary services disabled, use an av and an at, and watch your own activities (DLs, allows, have proper browser security, etc.) you are secure enough.

    Much of the truth of this, however, rests in how well each knows his system, apps, and connections.

    IE users with default settings may or may not know just what lurks behind a craftily designed web page, or that Outlook Express is hooked through their IE settings and find some hostile code in an email that they don't spot, nor their AV/AT componnents spot.

    We have helped many a seasoned user find and destroy trojan servers that have slipped past both AV and AT that were identified only by outbound communication attempts through the firewall.

    Today's free firewall technology may be sufficient for most of today's exploits, but the advancing sophistication of exploits will require even more granularity in controls and in application sandboxing.

    BI 3.5 does, in fact contain application control and outbound protection (though this isn't sandboxing).

    ZoneAlarm is moving away from "Free" as has been noted from the fact that the free version is still v2.6.

    Kerio is going to be introducing it's next version of it's PFW that will be free with some features disabled without purchasing a license.

    Tiny is preparing to introduce v3.0 (in the next couple of days) that will include some sandboxing technology but will not be free (30 day try and buy).

    Sygate will only maintain it's free version for a short time longer.

    The bottom line is .... for those who feel the need for a firewall (all should IMHO), it is time to keep an eye on what is emerging with an open mind so that decision making will not be biased based on someone elses opinion, but on the true functionality of the product, and the needs of the individual.

    Free is always better, but free won't last forever.

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    Oddly enough my linux distro(which is available for free) came with several very good firewall utilities. Also there are several more for it that are available for free.
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    Ah yes, Linux. *nix for that matter!

    But as long as Windoze remains the predominent environment, *nix won't help the other 90%+ of the 'Nets population.

    And anything I can do to help those who aren't on more secure (MAC) or Open Source *nix, etc., will be better than sitting behind my box and being glad I'm ok.

    It is those very same users who may one day be source of aggravation for the rest because the open exploits run on their boxes become a choke and stranglehold on everyone elses 'Net usage.

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