WOW! I'm so excited to share this with the whole community. Your most disrespcted BlackICE is the best firewall now with Advaced app control. I ran the Firehole and TooLeaky test against it, and guess what, they had totally failed. BlackICE detected them trying to access the internet espically for TooLeaky. Howerver, Firehole was much more complicated, it hooked itself to all running apps and so, I had to terminate all of them. I contacted Kerio regard these hole 2 days ago, and today, they reply saying that TooLeaky will fail to access the internet in their next release, but however, Firehole might still be on the loose. So, this proved that ISS ROCKs! Too bad BlackICE have to kill the program that Firehole was hooking to........ WELL WELL WELL, what the heck are you wait for? Upgrade your BlackICE to version 3.5!