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Thread: Wagamama's great wireless network

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    Exclamation Wagamama's great wireless network

    How to get a full five-course Asian meal paying only a bottle of coke ? Go immediately to Wagamama (London) !

    They've set up a wireless network using iPaqs instead of traditionnals remote terminals, totally forgetting security : no password, no data encryption. As a result two hackers managed to get access to things like food orders, but also to the billing system.

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    So what do you think of that ?

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    I think that these people who run this restaurant have TOTALLY underestimated the need for security in an computerized system. I read this story and it says they had ZERO security. None whatsoever, not even a password. That's really unbelievable, especially when it's a wireless network. You'd think when you have a wireless network you would consider security a much higher risk then a wired infrustructure.

    Hopefully this is just a warning sign for others who intend to take a similar path.

    \"Do you know what people are most afraid of?
    What they don\'t understand.
    When we don\'t understand, we turn to our assumptions.\"
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    Anyone who builds a network of any kind with zero security has no business being near a computer.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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