Hi Guys,

I have a client who's inbox.dbx file gets corrupted, this would be the third time, renaming it and allowing Outlook express to build a new one gets him up and running again.
I have no idea as to what is causing the problem.. he claims OLE locks up during the mail transfer.. when he restarts OLE the splash screen comes up then OLE closes.. delete/rename inbox.dbx and OLE is working again..ideas on this? anyone?
also this fellow has some "important" messages locked one of these damaged files and wants me to try to recover it.. $h1t.. the files are at least 40Mb in length.. I know if I can extract his messages I may find an answer to the problem..
I am not familuar with the structure of the dbx files and am clueless after using hex and text editorson the damaged files. any clues or perhaps a utility that may help would be appreciated. I am not expecting miracles..


The Undertaker