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Thread: Ideas for making easy backups of system to CD-RW

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    Ideas for making easy backups of system to CD-RW

    hey guys...
    Just put a CD-RW drive in my UNIX station and would like to use it to make easy backups of the system with a shell script...any ideas?

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    With a shell script you may easily create a tarball archive and gzip it, but I can't tell the same for the burning process..
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    Write a script that will dump your system and then cp it to a command line burning software. such as CDRDao. Ill try to work something out for you email me exactly what you want.
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    Are you running a regular distro of Unix or are you running Linux? I know that Ghost 2002 will do Linux systems ( I just installed it on a new box I built for my sister with 2000 Pro on it and saw where it mentioned it ).
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