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    there is a decent trojan remover by moosoft called the cleaner, it works pretty similar to norton in the way that you update the defenitions every couple of weeks, it won't look for viruses though so it's best to use it alongside norton and not instead of, on one occasion a while back it found a trojan on my pc that norton did not dectect so i always scan files that i'm not sure about with both of em now....

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    I think Avid is right their homepage link doesn't work.May be coz they are renewing the site.

    Try to download it from


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    Norton AntiVirus sucks. I had the latest version (obviously 2002) and I ran LiveUpdate everyday. My computer got wrecked at least 5 times with the Bo2k (Back Orifice 2000) trojan that Norton did not detect on my scans, which I even scheduled! Finally I went out and bought McAfee VirusScan 6.0 Professional and it worked way better! McAfee is almost the same program as Trend Micro's PC-cillin with a couple more features. McAfee VirusScan 6.0 even comes with a firewall and is less expensive than Norton. I would not download programs like SubSeven, NetBus, or Bo2k without an active firewall to ensure the security. When you download a RAT program, your antivirus will detect a trojan (which is normal) but how do you know that this trojan is just the antivirus detecting the server.exe file or it is an actual real trojan with a hacker behind it controlling your computer?thats why u shouldn't download these programs without a firewall. firewalls are available free allover the net. the server file on the subseven that you downloaded was probably cleaned by the person that put it on the sites trojan scanner which will mean the trojan has been cleaned of all its harmful and fun functions (in other words it is a dud).

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    NAV will not detect it until you try to excecute it... that is the way norton is with a lot of trojans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oooooo

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