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    Broken links

    The security links section is where i ran
    into allot of dead ends.
    Otherwise the site is grade aaa fancy to me.

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    Maybe when the user comes across an error 404 page and the referrer is AO, an message should be sent to JP and he can delete the site. Or maybe there should be some sort of automatic "delete broken links" script/bot.
    Just a suggestion, could be impossible.

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    Most of those links are old and the sites have long since shut down, but JP IS updating the links section... So it should be fixed within the next month or so

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    I agree that a 'report dead link' option would be a great idea, perhaps along the lines of

    The problem is that so many 'hacking' sites (I use that term very loosely!) disappear a few months after having been launched, so it's a real task to keep up all the links. Perhaps if AO members chipped in to help JP it would be easier...
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