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Thread: Any Truth to This?

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    Any Truth to This?


    I was in AO IRC when a person who would like to remain anonymous sent me this link... Im just wondering if there is any truth to this link or the other ones Attrition.org hosts.... JP could you confirm or deny this?
    /me thinks it just Attritions way of getting back at JP for something he did
    I dont have all the facts so I cant make a judgement, If anyone can help PM me or post

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    i know the story i have wanted to speak to jp with it to conferm it or deny it but he is never on irc nemore but attrition have said a lot of things that i can see jp getting cut at and all i can say is nice knowing you ac1dsp3ctrum but i dont know why jp gets so annoyed at people mentioning it cause all you have to do is a search on antionline and you get the storys but he does so i leave it be

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    Looks like someone is out to get JP
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    This type of stuff, has been around a great while. Anyone who has been following AO for the past 2/3 years, will know. I think there is even a thread talking about this. Although it was not the same page on Attrition. Was one about JP's Sister, or something.

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    Yeah, I heard of that.. Someone posted a picture of JP's siter on packetstorm and JP got them kicked off of their server
    I understand where he was coming from though, if someone did that to me I would react, but not as mucha s shutting down a notable security site

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    You'll find heaps of these things around. Another couple of sites I'm a member of hate him with a vengance. I personally don't have an opinion. How could I? All I know of JP is what I've read about him at his web site and I read the occasional post he makes here...Not much to base an opinion on...

    I have nothing against attrition....actually, I like the site....but IMHO, personal attacks such as these achieve nothing. If you wanna judge JP, judge him based on your own personal experience rather than what other sites have to say.................

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    I came, I read, I did my homework.

    I came to two conclusions.

    1. Some people have no lives.
    2. I wasted an hour of my time.

    I don't know what the truth is, nor do I see why it matters one way or the other. Any monkey with a keyboard can make up command logs. *chuckles* Of course given my understanding of UNIX, that's about what that log looked like anyway.


    Read them.

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    I don't know if there is any truth to this but you have to admit it is funny, as keisha said anyone could have just typed this up.

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