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Thread: Intercepting TcpIp

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    Intercepting TcpIp

    If a tcp port is detected open on a remote sistem, is possible for somebody to intercept the outgoing packets as copys ?
    Or the traffic between to known Ip's ?!
    Or deturn one's entire comunnication to flow through his (attacker) machine ?
    Is there good documentation about this particular issue ?

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    In my experience with computers I think the only way to do that is when that computer is on the same network as you.. Im not sure how to do it truly remotely... Hmm, I wonder what this information will be used for

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    A "remote" sniffer might work. Some sniffers have a client/server based implementation, like a trojan.
    If you try a man-in-the-middle action, that might also work. But needs practice and some knowledge, that u cannot find in forums or such...
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    Well all that is Bs. really the only way you can find out, is use to commmand on a shell onaccount to relocate what was sent, you can find the command in a faq about linux shell account commands,
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