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Thread: ?? what those Task Manager progs are...

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    ?? what those Task Manager progs are...

    If you've ever looked at the task manager..especially in win9x/me...you probably wonder what half of the stuff is doing there...and if it is supposed to be there...or if it is affecting system performance....

    I found THIS site that has a list of common entries...and some hints on whether they need to be running or not...
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    Sweeet, thanks for that, it's really good info. I was wondering what half of the crap that was in there was. Well, at least now I'll know whether I should can it or let it do it's stuff - whatever that may be.

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    This is a good resource, but not all of the programs are listed in the standard Task Manager.
    I suggest you get "ProcDump" which can be found on some reverse engineering (cracking) related sites.
    Other thanunpacking programs, you can see the list of running tasks (including the one running in semi-stealth mode) and may kill any application with just a click, without waiting for windoze to "gracefully shutdown" the programs.
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    Thanks; i've been wondering the same thing from time to time. But never really tried to find an answer.
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    Post Startups

    Here also is another good comprehensive list.


    I think I might have posted it before, not sure. Also ID's trojans.
    Lots of this stuff can be shut off via msconfig too. Just go to the run line, and type msconfig.


    Read them.

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    Excellent post, zigar...those sites would have made figuring out what those programs were a lot easier when i tried to. (find file->xxxx.*->no files found, etc)...

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