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Thread: BlackICE 3.5

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    BlackICE 3.5

    I would just like to say,
    I have always been an avid supporter of BlackICE, I have always liked their product. BlackICE, has always been really good at stopping incoming pings, probes, etc., but now they realeased version 3.5, I would just like to point out that this firewall is very good. When you install it, it scans your HDD and keeps an account of all the executable files, dll files, and a couple other ones aswell. Whenever there is a new executable file that was not detected at first, that is trying to run, it is stopped. And, it also now stops programs from accessing the internet, {something that it has never done before}, I was testing this on my windoze box, and it works very well when infected with a worm or a virus. Most of the time, it will prevent infection completely. Anyway, I would just like to say, if you have never tried BlackICE before, try it now, and if you have tried it before, it has changed a lot. There is a big jump in the right direction with this release.

    {Download it here, the PC version, the other is for a network server. http://www.iss.net/products/networki...l/register.php }

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    Our product can run alongside other firewall software. It has been tested with numerous firewall products and no conflicts are known at this time. When combining firewalls, it should be remembered that if either firewall blocks traffic, then the traffic is blocked. If one firewall says to allow traffic but the other says to block it, then whoever blocked the traffic will "win" the contest.

    from the help pages

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