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Thread: Adobe photoshop 6.0

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    Adobe photoshop 6.0

    Do u want to make these things:

    #001- Wavy Text:

    1. Open a new file and fill it with the color black. (I reccomend using the color green over the black)
    2. Type wat u wat u want and go to layer/ Type/ Render Layer
    3. Got to Filter/ Distort/ Wave and change vale of Generator to 2, Wavelength max to 440 and Amplitude maz to 50. The minimum does not need to be changed.
    4. Now you can go to blending options and check Bevel and Emboss and the 2 other ones under it.
    This is pretty easy and a first time user can try this.

    #002- Icy Text:

    1. Start with a black background and write something in white text. (I chose 300 pixels by 300 pixels but almost any size will do)
    2. Got o Image/ Rotate Canvas/ 90 CW. now go to Filter/ Stylize/ Wind a box should come up and wind should already be checked now near the bottom you should see DIRECTION and under it FROM THE RIGHT, FROM THE LEFT. Choose right.
    3. Now go to image/ Rotate Canvas/ 90 CCW, your thing should now look like there are icycles or somethin hangin down from your word.
    4. Now pick the color from the RGB color of R=141,G=207,B=244 and now goto Filter Artistic>Neon Glow and put the following settings color=blue, glow size=24, brightness=50
    5. Finally go to Filter>Brush Strokes>Ink Outlines and choose the setting of stroke length=1,light intensity=50, dark intensity=0.

    #003- Fire Text:
    1. Make the background of your image black and write somethin in white text.
    2. Go to Image/ Mode/ Grayscale When it asks if you want to Flatten the layers say yes.
    3. go to Image/ Rotate canvas and choose 90 CW
    4. Go to Filter/ Stylize/ Wind and choose Direction from the left (you can go here more than once to make it bigger)
    5. Go to image/ Rotate canvas 90 CCW
    6. Now go to Filter/Distort/ Ripple and choose the amount of 100
    7. Now go to Image/ Mode Indexed Color
    8. go to Image/ Mode/ Color Table and choose Black Body.

    #004- Glowing Effect:
    1. After you choose your banner size and all put some text on the page. Any color you want is fine. Now go to Layer/ Duplicate Layer. This makes two of the same layers
    2. Go to Layer/ Arrange/ Send backward.
    3. make sure Preserve transparency is off. Go to Filter/ Blur/ Guassian Blur and make the blur to your likeness.

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    Even though I think people know of most of this, thanks a lot for posting. This will serve as a bump for those who did not see this post earlier.

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