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Thread: booting into dos???

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    booting into dos???

    im running win2k pro on my system, with a NTFS partition i want to install "windows me" for playiong some games, what is the best way to install "me"!! casue it does not support ntfs, and how do i boot into dos from windows 2000

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    Well since you already have Win2000 on an NTFS partition it sort of complicates things. It can be done. Just with a little work. Get Boot & Partition Magic from Power Quest or get System Commander. You will need to create a FAT 32 partition for ME to reside on using Partition Magic etc... Then you can use Boot Magic or System Commander to install ME.

    What you should have done. Either set up the entire HDD on a FAT 32 partition (Win2k or XP will run on FAT32), then installed ME then 2000. 2000 and XP have a boot ladder (loader) the will give you a choice on start up of which OS to boot into. Or if you still want the security of NTFS. You can partions your HDD into two parts. One NTFS and one FAT32. Install ME on the FAT and then 2000 on the NTFS and as before the boot loader will take over.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have relly bad experience with using Partition Magic on NTFS!
    When i did it i had to re-format my hard disk!
    But give it a shot but remember to brun a Backup!

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    Like P2P said, you are going to have to set up a fat32 partion for WinME. If you have a copy of 98, I would recomend using that instead. I have had more problems with ME then it is worth. 98 will also need a fat32 partion, but its better then ME. BTW, most games that I have tried work under 2k also. Not sure what your problem is with that.
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    Another option (though not always feasible) is to upgrade to XP. In my experience, XP plays most of the games which 2000 did not...


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    Or, just get another computer

    ...seriously, what about a second hardrive, 1 for 2k and 1 for ME?
    you'll avoid hardrive trashing too

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    Tyger_Claw has a good point. The most efficient method if you do need both of these operating systems is to just throw another hard drive into the system and use that for your Win98/ME installation.


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