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Thread: brute force

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    brute force

    how do i get brute force to work?
    please email me at decked_bird@hotmail.com

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    Post Brute force

    Beat your head against a wall until it explodes.

    Hey....that would be brute force....wouldn't it?


    Read them.

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    Nice Reply Keisha but we hav to help this guy out a little.

    Im guessing your trying to brute force a hotmail account or geocities website or somethin. Brute force rarely works these dayz. THe way Brute Force works iz it takes usernames and passwords from a dictionary file, and tries to log in with them. If the dictionary file holds every word in the dictionary the attack still would not work.
    Here iz an example.
    Say the password you were trying to guess was blue12345 . Now if the Brute Force cracker guessed blue, it would not logon because the password is blue12345 not just blue. A dictionary file would have to have the entry blue12345, to logon. Brute Force iz not a very popular attack these dayz mostly because it does not work well.
    Just My two cents,

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    A few detials would help a little.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    If you are going to brute force hotmail account, it is better to not waste your time. There are plenty of ways to crack a password , just do a search in google.
    Also be aware of logs you will leave in remote server, you may get into trouble.
    One thing more: better learn how to protect yourself before doing an attack.

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    Brute Force is really useful, well if you are immortal...
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    Brute Force is not a very inteligent way to crack any account, but an interesting:
    I've got an ftp server running. I tried a bf attack & you don't have to be a very well educated sysadmin if every entry in your log contains something like this: [05:30 PM] access to ...
    and this entry repets for the next, lets say 100 lines...

    but if you want to try it yourself just search for "brutus", & a large wordlist.
    but remember this is only for educational purposes...

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    how do i hack a hotmail account? there's somethin' ya don't hear every day. very original.

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    Well, obviously no one told you the correct way to brute force an account, and I really hope it stays that way. This is a forum for defending things like brute force attacks, not just telling people how to do them. Luckly, other then Keisha, everyone else has given you the hard way to do it.
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    THe way Brute Force works iz it takes usernames and passwords from a dictionary file
    Hmmmmm can u not get some brute force crackers that work by going through every character/number/speacil character in seaquence? like say the maximum password length was 12 it would start at aaaaaaaaaaaa the try aaaaaaaaaaab and so on. So even without speacil characters there is 26 letters in the alphabet plus caps so 26*2= 52 plus 9 for digits....gives you 61 different characters which can be in any combination

    **head starts to hurt**

    hmmmmm thats alot of combinations might only take like 50yrs to crack the password, heh


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