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Thread: VB (in M$ access) tutes

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    Question VB (in M$ access) tutes

    hi, can anyone recommend a good tute / book on VB (the one you get with access database) for someone who is fairly new to vb programming ( im doing it at uni for a little while and liking it and want to progress further with it)

    any suggestions on tutes or a good book that i could get (im from australia if that helps)

    thanx in advance

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    I know one book which is quite expensive and you have to be comfortable in using access, but it is very good:
    Price: 49,99$
    titel: Access 2000 VBA Handbook
    try at amazon to order it (there it might be a little cheaper)...

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    If you wanna do stuff with winsock and internet programming with Visual Basic this is the place where I got my feet dirty


    You have to navigate a little bit but you should find it. Also sometimes it helps to look at others code, now don't rip off other peoples code but use it as an example that usually helps me out with stupid things like adding a splash screen.


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