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    Does anyone know how to disable deepfreeze? It's that annoying program on public computers that reverts everything back to it's original software configuration. I was thinking that maybe one could go into DOS and delete the files when they aren't being used, but i'm not sure how effective that would be. Can anyone tell me what to do?
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    I think there's been a thread on deepfreeze before, but not in this kind of way.
    Anyway i believe the reason why it is on so many public computers over there, is that it IS REALLY good at what it's suppose to do. I'm not sure if anyone has acutally found a hole for it yet.
    Your dos idea is intresting... but i wonder if you just delete the deepfreeze excutable, when the computer boots up into windoze and trys to load deepfreeze what would happen? I actually doubt deepfreeze has any quick and easy flaws to exploit, but i am sure the only way to get past it is to look for flaws in windows. There are plenty out there....and i wonder what you could do if you booted up in safemode, deleted deepfreeze excutable, deleted the entries in regedit and win.ini. Would that work?
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    Booting DOS is the answer to all things,
    but smart admins will frustrate attempts to do so.
    They will even disable the floppy drive in the
    BIOS, and then put a password on the BIOS.

    If they've done their job well, you can't get into
    real mode DOS directly from windows, so why don't
    you hack your own computer.
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    I don't know if you have access to the BIOS, but if you do, go in there and change the year to somethign crazy like 2078 or something. Then go and save it and reboot. When you log on it will be gone. Now just go back into the BIOS and change the year back. Deep Freeze will still be gone.

    They patched that method recently, so i am also putting another method on, if the machine you are working with is patched.

    Fire up Regedit.

    'c:\windows\regedit.exe' or

    Select 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' then double click
    on 'SOFTWARE'

    Then single click on 'HyperTechnologies' then
    click EDIT on the Menubar and click DELETE.

    Press and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT +
    F8 and click 'OK'

    The monster known as Deep Freeze should be gone!

    Here is an answear from their FAQ.

    The manual attached.
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    Umm, not sure with deepfreeze (never played with it), but a lot of systems modify the system.ini file also. If you can get to it, make sure that under boot, the shell is explorer.exe
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