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Thread: Securing Apache Webserver Win32 ?

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    Securing Apache Webserver Win32 ?

    Yeah I'm setting up a webserver as some of you know. It's Apache 1.3.23 for windows. Need to learn how to secure it from evil people. Just wondering if you guys knew of any tweaks that I could do for the Config file and other stuff that a newbie might need to know. I've got a book called Apache it's an O'Reilly book but it didn't go to far in depth for windows security.

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    I use Apache myself, this are the things i made:

    what about ssl ? http://www.webreview.com/1999/03_05/..._05_99_8.shtml
    what about .htaccess ?
    go to c:\apache\bin\
    htpasswd -c c:\apache\htdocs\secrets\password.txt your user
    make a .htaccess file (notepad):
    AuthName Secrets
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile htdocs\secrets\password.txt
    AuthGroupFile dev\null
    require user your user
    open httpd.conf
    search for AllowOverride
    replace it through AuthConfig

    if you now try to open the "secrets" directory or any file in it a Password form should pop up

    this are only some suggestions. sure you can also set up some php or any other password dialog...

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    My suggestion for dealing with Apache on Unix and Windows is to disable all the modules that you do not use. For instance, if your site contains no pHp, there is no reason to have the module. The more modules you have, the more chances that there is a security hole.

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    Good idea thanks the only two I guess I really need are php and not sure if there is one for mySQL or not but that's not a bad idea to do

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