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Thread: Article: Corporate Backlash Against IT

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    Article: Corporate Backlash Against IT

    Evidence of growing frustration felt by corporate users against information technology has emerged from a global survey of senior business leaders. Read it here.
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    Taking **** is just part of working help desk. I would have thought that hate for IT staff would have gone down as people become more computer literate.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    This is more of the IT companies and not IT as internal people. From the sounds of it, the corporate bigwigs are pissed with software companies and IT only companies.
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    They ain't the only ones mad about "perpetual upgrades"
    I was just getting used to dos 3.3 and now they tell me I
    need windows 98.
    But that bloated sucker won't fit on the 32 meg hard drive
    on my 286!
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    Given time more people will become literate and have less animosity towards us.

    Based on current information, subject to +/- 3% sampling error. Taken from 1000 households in a random selection. This has been a recording. Paid for by the Association of Information Technology Workers.

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