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Thread: How do I config Outpost Firewall?

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    How do I config Outpost Firewall?

    I heard that this Outpost firewall is pretty good from one of the forums here. I just installed that free version, but my problem is I don't how to configure it so that it will serve me best. If you could help me, I'd be very thankful. And try to explain as simply as possible. I still have much jargon to learn and pick up.

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    Re: How do I config Outpost Firewall?

    You can find info http://www.agnitum.com/support/

    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    MyMojo, as Kadeng already pointed out, the MANUAL is a good place to start

    Here's some things to get you started though:

    Go to Options-->General:

    1. The General Tab
    Miscellaneous: check all three boxes.

    2. The System Tab
    UNcheck 'Allow Netbios communication'.
    Don't modify the ICMP-settings.
    Set the Answer type to 'Stealth'.

    3. The Policy Tab
    The Rules Wizard is a good mode to start with.

    Go to View-->Layout, and check all boxes.

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    Thanks you guys!

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    Yep, Negative has it right so far....and just a hint, in the left hand menu, right click, then go to "Layout", and make a checkmark on everything in that screen...figure it out later...
    But depending on your needs, go to the "Plug-Ins Setup" menu, and figure it out...Outpost has been a sweet interface tool...
    I learned how to use it by just playing with it, but for sure UNCHECK the NetBios comm. box and CHECK the 'Stealth' box...otherwise, just play with it a bit...if you share a comp/connection...the DNS Cache is very interesting, and you may be interested in how to erase it...just play around with it, that's the beauty of a friendly interface...

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