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    Page looks a bit plain yet silentstalker but i guess u've still got alot of content to add....
    All works fine tho


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    hexadecimal color codes for backgrounds

    Hey all,

    My post doesn't really answer the initial question, but this seemed like an appropriate thread to place it in (rather than start a new one).

    If you want to actually "see" the color of a background before having to enter and preview hex color codes all day, try this site:

    Hexadecimal Color Codes

    It also has links for "soft" colors and "browser safe" colors. Interesting site, plus it lists all those nice little alpha-numeric, sometimes alpha, sometimes numeric combinations or just the plain textname...
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    i like using colors of the same hue,(example: dark blue bgcolor, light blue text)

    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Lightbulb CSS and color blindness idea..

    Another reason to avoid using red/green combos is due to the possibility of having visitors who are color blind. Mixing dark red with black background is quite common, specially in '1337Z H4x0r kiddie pagez'. This essentially means no respect towards the user, and i must feel happy you wish to mantain an accessible web page. Since i am not color blind, dont know how they would see dark red/black, but its a pain even for me.

    I preffer having the color set in a Style sheet file, linked to the document by... Link! This means:
    1) You can change presentation without changing the page itself;
    2) Users may disable the CSS so that they may chose the best looking configuration;
    3) It is just cool, and I am a fan of it (OOOOHHHH, what a reason.. )
    Avoid using background property in body tags and things like that, for they are deprecated in the newest version of HTML and in XHTML. Use css to control how it will be displayed.. it will look great (I hope)

    silentstalker: dont forget marquee, AFAIK, is an IE-specific tag. It might have changed, but im not sure about it..

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