Ok first thing this will be a continueing post and i wont get real indepth right away
but i decided to post this here for anyone who may be studying for your MCSE figured it might help you
or in general someone who wants to learn a lil more about win 2k pro

first off heres a minimum configuration list to install win 2k pro
also hardware compatibility is determined by the HAL
win 2k pro now supports more than 7000 hardware devices

Hardware Requirements
Pentium CPU
One or more HDD's with a minimum of 650 MB of free disk space (2 GB is recommended)
Video display adapter with VGA resolution or higher
CD-ROM drive, 12X or faster recommended
microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
the boot disks for win 2k pro can be made from the CD theres a folder Makeboot
with two files in it Makeboot and makeboot32
use the makeboot if ur planning on installing win 2k pro on a NTFS file system or FAT
generally i wouldnt use a FAT or FAT32 file system unless your planning on dual booting
and have 4 floppy's ready
basically the setup and install is self explanatory
for a file system i would personally decide on NTFS
now jsut a few key notes on win 2k pro
u can have personalized menus to keep track of programs you use and update the programs menu so that it presents only the programs taht you mose often use
Task scheduler
Win 2k pro supports the latest laptop technologies based on APM (Advanced Power Management) and ACPI (Advanced Configuration and POwer Interface), which turns off power to the display and hard disks after a period of inactivity, and allows you to change or remove devices without turning off the computer. ACPI also lengthens your battery life
it has a network connection wizard
VPN support
has IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) which allows users to send documents to any printer on a win 2k network that is connected to the internet
has good add/remove programs wizard
windows self installer
win 2k pro is a multiprocessing o/s capable of running on computers containing more then one processor
win 2k pro provides SMP (summetric multiprocessing) system capabilities and supports two processors, it assumes that all processors are equal and that they all have access to the same physical memory
win 2k pro can run any thread on any available processor regardless of whicih process owns the thread.
the win 2k design also supports processor affinity where a process can specify that it is to run on a particular set of processors
now about the NTFS file system
the NTFS file system fupports file encryption and enables you to add disk space to an NTFS volume without having to restart the computer, it also supports distributed link tracking, per-user disk quotas to monitor and limit disk space use
Now for a few security features im sure you all would rather be hearing about
a few win 2k pro security features i will discuse LIGHTLY are kerbose 5, EFS, IPsec, and smart card support

Kerbose 5 supports single login, allowing for faster authentication and faster network response
EFS (Encryption file system) strengthens security by encrypting files on your HDD so that no one can access them without using the correct password
IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) Encrypts tcp/ip traffic to secure communication within an intranet and provides the highest levels of security for VPN traffic across the internet

ok lets jump into the fun stuff and then i might lay out a few questions to test your knowledge thus far if i dont pass out

im not really gonna go into CAL right now maybe some other time ill talk about per seat and per server licensing

Im going to talk a little bit about MMC Microsoft Management Consoles
A primary administration tool you use to manage win 2k is MMC, which provides a standardized method to create, save, and open administration tools, which are called consoles
now MMC doesnt provide management functions itself but its a program taht hosts management applications, called snap-ins, which you can use to perform one or more admin tasks, MMC also can be a great troubleshooting tool

You can perform most of your administrative tasks and troubleshoot many programs by using only the MMC, which being able to use one interface saves time instead of having to use numerous interfaces
You can use consoles to perform the majority of your admin tasks from one computer
You can use most snap-ins for remote administration and troubleshooting, and win 2k does prompt you telling you when you can use a snap-in remotely
consoles are saved as .MSC files
i would go into creating consoles but hey its 3 am ill talk about it later jsut remind me about it
the registry could be an interesting topic i could talk about i ahd this class today got to mess up a registry a few times its fun having a hdd u dont care about
but i wont go into it maybe another time as my back is beginning to hurt and someone is now calling me to come to bed, but i think i can (will power :P drives the girls wild :D)
now i will tell you if u've installed win 2k pro and u installed it as a FAT or FAT32 and now your saying DAMNIT i wish i woulda done it as NTFS ph33r not my small imbreed child for i am about to tell you how to switch it over without reinstalling
run this command from well command heh
Convert volume /FS:NTFS /v
and replace volume with the drive letter assigned to colume C: whatever it may be
i do beilive i will stop here for the night tommorow i may go into creating consoles registry TCP/IP protocol suite maybe a little OSI model *hears chants in the background*
i might go over a few tcp/ip tools with win 2k pro
and even yes *gasp* NW Link
which is microsfts way of making it so win 2k pro can communicate with Novell