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Thread: How to stop my modem from answering

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    How to stop my modem from answering

    Yeah it's pretty crazy for some reason my modem is automatically answering my phone. I tried the dial up connecting from another computer and I was able to connect to my p.c. The only way I can get it to stop is by powering of my computer, but I hate doing that so is there anyway to have my modem stop answering my phone?

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    Try disabling auto-answer.
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    Where is that at in Windows XP?

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    Try disabling WindowsXP

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    Damn it people I need some real help

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    I'd help but don't run xp. I'll guess go into your modem settings under ctl panel, and as uraloony said, look for an autoanswer chk box.

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    If you got it, check you modem user manual. Some (older) modem's had a switch setting on the modem itself to disable the auto-answer feature.


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    Ok I just disconnected the phone line that goes into the computer as a temporary solution. There is nothing in my modem properties that say auto answering. I'm going to check Microsoft ans see what the dillio is. Thanks Guys.

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    Also check to see if you have the Fax Services installed. If you haven't customized your Start Menu, it should be under "All Programs" | "Accessories" | "Communications" | "Fax". Then click on "Fax Console" and disable the auto-answer.


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    there are AT commands associated with every modemds. they are put in as extra settings. most modems have that feature. aol's software also has this feature. an AT command is an extra string that u pass into the modem eg "ATA", or "M0-turns speaker off" and such ****... look in the modem book that u got when u bought the modem. else others have also mentioned features above my article. good luck........

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