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Thread: Sub7 / Hack'a'Tack

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    Sub7 / Hack'a'Tack

    I've been using these two progs (Sub7, Hack'a'Tack) , and have had success with them, but not everytime. It only works on certain 'puters. What could some of the reasons be? Could firewalls affect them?
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    I haven't had much experience with these progs, but Knowing a little about how they work, I would have to say that firewalls would definately prevent the program from doing its thang!.
    P.S----Be careful as these are quite old programs now and would be easy to detect by nortons etc......

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    AO is over run by scriptkiddys.........

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    A quick comment:

    Be careful what sort of threads you start because many of the people on here will flame you for being a script kiddie. If you're interested in finding what people think about those programs from an administrative point of view, check out the AO archives, you should be able to find a lot of threads from people asking similar questions.


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