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Thread: Glowing/Bouncing Text

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    Glowing/Bouncing Text

    Umm, I think there should be an option in someones site options that disables all bouncing/glowing text... Or the bouncing/glowing text should be disabled in posts... Because the text is just getting to me, you open a post and it is made up entirely of orange glowing text that is blurry and on top of that it is bouncing around the screen which makes it almost impossible to read :P

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    I agree. I liked the old signatures better. I mean, it's interesting to see some peoples' creativity, but sometimes you just want to do a quick scan of a thread. The moving and changing objects and text just gets in the way.


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    Just use Opera - it doesn't display it. I haven't seen any of this text yet, maybe I'll just open up IE to see what the fuss is about.

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    Damn, Greg beat me to it I'm using Mozilla here.
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    I don't see it either.
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