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    Question next step???

    I Had read somewhere that for a newbie (like me) sendmail would be a good
    thing to start with. Now that i have tried it out with the help of
    you guys at antionline..(thanks guys )., could anyone tell me what
    could possibly be the next thing i could try out.

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    try finger.

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    you could try writing questions that indicate what it is your asking for.

    did somebody show you how to be a spammer? or do you want someone to just implicate themselves in criminal activity by publishing illegal information in public places just for your amusement?
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    i don't believe that sendmail is a good start for anything because it can be pretty hard but anyway if you a curios read that:

    probably a lot but really interesting..

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    finger...traceroute...and, oddly enough, i've found you can do amazing things with ping

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