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Thread: Wireless Access at Starbucks

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    Wireless Access at Starbucks

    This doesn't entirely relate to security, but I'm curious if anyone has had an experience using Starbucks' wireless network? I live in Southern California where there are none of the locations have any wireless coverage. For a list of locations, see here:


    Scanning through the archives, I found one person who mentioned that he/she used it with a Linux laptop, but I'm curious about what sort of service(s) they offer to the customers. Also, would you feel comfortable doing things over a public wireless network such as those at Starbucks?


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    I don't even know what Starbucks is, though I've heard of it in a near-by city called Charlotte...oh well, if I come across any info I'll post it here, just figured I'd throw in my lameness for not knowing what it is.

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