*Walk to the middle of the thread*

*Stepping up on a chair while taking a sheet of paper out of one of my pockets*

"First of all I want to thank my parents.. who have been supportive and.... blah blah"


This nick.. well it is new.. my regular nick was allready taken by somehow.
How I found this page doesn't really matter, the point is that I am here now, right?

I am from the Netherlands (Limburg for those who care), 27 yrs old and spend too much time behind this machine (who doesn't?!)

Anyway I have been doing a bit of this a bit of that on the computers and found out that no-one can know everything about a pc!?
(sad.. but very true)
So one has to shift between the things he/she likes most..
For a very long time that was working with hardware, graphics (made some logo's here and there), games(rts, 3d shooters etc), warez, php and html..

A while ago I found out that these things were handy but bored me..
So I started with linux, participate in a local lug and am now working very hard to find out what Linux is all about.

Networking and security got my attention and one thing lead to another...

Damn I wish I had another lifetime just to read!

but I learned not to try to run while I can't even walk!

Thanks for Reading