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Thread: if windoze moved down south

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    Talking if windoze moved down south

    Their top selling product would be Micr'sawft Winders.

    Instead of an hourglass icon, you'd get a beer bottle icon.

    Occasionally you'd get a window with a Hefty trash bag on it.

    The "Recycling Bin" in Winders would be an outhouse.

    Whenever you ran Sound Player, you'd hear a digitized drunk redneck yellin' "Freebird!"

    The shutdown would be "Y'all come back here, Yah hear!"

    Hardware could be replaced with parts from an old Trans Am.

    Micr'sawft Office would be called Micr'sawft Shed.

    Instead of an arrow, the on-screen mouse pointer would be a cigarette or a cigar.

    Your "mouse" would be shaped like a NASCAR gas pedal and when your computer crashed, files would be saved by a HANS device.

    You would "cruise" rather then "surf" with Micr'sawft Internet Explorer.

    Instead of rebooting your computer, you'd reload it.

    (Plagarized from the Cincinnati Fax News)

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    LOL veddy funny... but then again, i live up north.

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    heh quite amusing but u'd get a better response if you posted it in the general chit chat section rather than in web-development
    Not bitching like just a helpful hint


    (btw plz don't take this as me saying u should post it again just ask the forum moderator to move your post into general chit chat)

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