Has anyone ever had their web page copied without permission by someone else or known someone who has? What's to stop someone from coming in and copying your web site, and then accusing you of plagarizing them? I understand that you can get your web pages copyrighted? Has anyone done this? Do you think it's worth the trouble?

Some pieces of advice I've gotten on protecting your web page:

1) Make printed copies of your pages because your printed copy will contain the time you did the page. If there's any dispute, this could be evidence.

2) A variation on this: e-mail yourself copies of the web site, but don't open them. This again could be proof of the time and date you created the web page.

3)Disable right click on your site. I asked about this on IRC and I was told it's unprofessional and that I shouldn't do it. What do you think?

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.