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    valhallen that disable right click thing is easily got around using proximitron so that doesnt work theirs a tut on flashkit.com that will only let the flash movie be displayed on a certain site i cant find it atm but ill find it

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    BB_Wolf even flash files are storred in your temporary internet directory - and there are progs out there that will rip images sounds etc from .swf files
    have just remembered that such progs only rip sounds/symbols but can't rip fills so if u imported your picture into flash and then used the trace bitmap feature

    set the color threshold/minimum area to 1, curve fit to pixels and corner threshold to many colors to try and preserve as much quality as possible

    then delete the original imported pic from the movie library peps can't rip it as the pic in your movie is now made up of a series of fills


    edit -> have just thought that someone could simply import ur .swf and get the pic this way as well - so you would need to password protect ur file against import (you can do this when u export the movie) but even this is not foolproof as there is a way to crack it....i remember seeing a tut in the tutorials section here on how to do it >_<

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    use water mark for your images. i am not sure but i think photo shop has that feature.

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    AFAIK the best way is plenty of legal documentation, and perhaps third-party google caches. Emails to yourself, as well as printouts... No... It's fairly simple to set IE to print a time in the footer of the page that is not the time of printing, so it's hardly proof.
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