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Thread: Computer System Security and Access Controls

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    Computer System Security and Access Controls

    Computer security covers a lot of territory: locking your computer room and your machine, protecting your login accounts with passwords, using file protection to keep your data from being destroyed, encrypting network communications lines, and using special shields to keep electromagnetic emanations from leaking out of your computer. But when people talk about computer security, they usually mean what in this chapter we call computer system security.

    Read the full text here.
    OpenBSD - The proactively secure operating system.

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    Good post smirc.

    I think that all this stuff is important for newbies.

    Security isnt just putting a Personal Firewall on your PC.

    I personally find these types of docos very handy to re-read every now and again.

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    Damn it smirc i would have given you greenies for that one but i have given you too many. Was a nice post again. Very good read.


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