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Thread: Weird News Storys

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    Weird News Storys

    Schoolgirl traps flasher's penis in zip

    A schoolgirl in Virginia has trapped a flasher's penis in his zip while he was exposing himself to her.

    Detectives in Virginia Beach say the man confronted the 12-year-old in a lift.

    She grabbed his zip and pulled it up, then ran to tell a relative. She was unharmed.

    The Virginian-Pilot says police think he suffered serious enough injuries to require hospital treatment.

    Police spokesman Mike Carey says officers have been checking for him in the area's hospitals.

    The suspect was involved in a scuffle with the girl's stepfather after the incident in the lift, but he managed to escape.
    Man takes sledgehammer to troublesome computer in shop
    <sniff><sniff>I smell windows in this story

    A Wisconsin man has smashed up a computer in the shop where he bought it after taking it back five times in three months.

    The man says he's had problems with its hard drive, its sound and its CD drive.

    Witnesses in Grand Chute say he smashed its processing unit with a sledgehammer.

    Police have charged the 51-year-old with disorderly conduct.

    He bought it for his daughter in January.

    He told other customers and staff to have a good day before leaving. Police arrested him later.

    He told The Post-Crescent: "I wonder how many people are out there complaining and not getting service. It feels good in a way."

    The manager of the shop refused to comment. Reports don't say what type of computer it was.
    Man steals 'anatomically correct sensation device'

    An armed robber burst into an adult video shop and fled with a sex toy.

    The man held up a pepper spray and told the shop keeper to put his hands up but he did not demand cash.

    Instead he grabbed what police are calling an anatomically correct sensation device worth more than 180.

    Robbery squad detectives are investigating the robbery in Winnipeg, Canada.

    Bob Johnson, a spokesman for Winnipeg police, said: "He's probably at home, enjoying himself."

    He told the Calgary Sun: "It was Can$420. It must be quite a device."

    The 20-year-old shop clerk and a visiting friend behind the counter were told to put their hands up against the wall while the robber, made off with the toy.
    Family's roof collapses 'under weight of pigeon droppings'

    A Chilean family narrowly escaped being crushed as their roof collapsed under the weight of 15 years of pigeon droppings.

    Ana Maria Bustos says she was nearly sick after the room was left full of debris, bird excrement, feathers and worms.

    The tin roof above her living room collapsed shortly after the family finished breakfast. Neighbours fear the same might happen to them.

    Residents told La Cuarta newspaper pigeons are a menace in their part of Santiago and they want them killed.

    The birds have been nesting on the tin roof. Environmental health officials say they'll fumigate the house this weekend.

    They say a decision is yet to be taken on whether to kill the birds.

    Mrs Bustos said: "Ever since we've been living here, there's been a problem with pigeons but the authorities haven't done anything about it. Now look what's happened. Living here's disgusting. The smell is unbearable."

    Her neighbour, Ana Leyton, said she's worried her own roof may collapse. She says feathers and bits of excrement have already been blown into her house through the windows.

    She added: "If they carry on living up there, the roof will fill up with nastiness again and we will be back in the same position."

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    lmao, that stuff is weird man...nice post bud.

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