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Thread: What do all the acronyms stand for? - Tutorial by uraloony

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    Post What do all the acronyms stand for? - Tutorial by uraloony

    Hey all, this is going to be a very basic tutorial aimed to newbies.

    What do they all stand for? - Tutorial by uraloony

    Part I - What do all the Internet acronyms on the internet stand for?

    Here are a few of the basic ones...

    Http - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

    http is the most common prefix for regular websites. (i.e. http://www.antionline.com)

    Ftp - File Transfer Protocol

    Ftp is a common way of transferring files across the internet. To the normal user using a direct Ftp, one cannot distinuish between a http download and a ftp download. Ftp servers use a way of arranging the files in folders, just like your hard drive is organized.

    Https hyper text transfer protocol (secure?)

    https is basically an encrypted version of http. It is used by servers to secure things such as credit card orders so they cannot be intercepted and stolen.

    url Uniform Resource Locator

    The location or locator of a website.

    Part II - What do all those Internet Acronyms stand for?

    .html hypertext markup language

    .html is an extension you will commonly see on websites as you are surfing around.


    Php is a widely used scripting language that is used to create interactive document, often on the Internet.

    Part III - What do all those picture formats stand for?

    .bmp bitmap

    Bitmap images are uncompressed images.

    .jpg or .jpeg joint photographs expert group

    Jpegs are standard compressed format images used on the internet.

    .gif graphics interchange format

    Another widely used compressed image format.


    Well thats all for now... If there is enough interest, I will post another tutorial on computer acronyms. Hope ya enjoyed this one!!
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    According to www.php.net, PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor"

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    hahha just like GNU = GNU is Not Unix

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    TLA = Three Letter Acronym

    You know that things are bad when they have an acrynom for acronyms .
    OpenBSD - The proactively secure operating system.

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    pgp : pretty good privacy
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    TWAIN : Technology Without An Interresting Name

    or is that a backronym ??
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    This could be one hell of a list. You could post just about every single unix command because they are almost all acronyms. pine, elm, cd, ls, etc etc etc.

    Let alone all the other picture formats....png, tiff, etc etc.
    and file extensions like .asp.

    Actually, now that I think about it, elm isn't technically an acronym, because I think it stood for ELectronic Mail...but the rest are.

    btw: PINE = Program for Internet News & Email...not Pine Is Not Elm like most people claim.
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    MIPS- Mostly Inconsequential Processor Speed

    MACINTOSH-Most Applications Crash, If Not Then Operating System Hangs.
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    Here is a pretty good page for all. I bookmarked it, and it comes in handy when looking up a file extension. http://extsearch.com/
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    RTFM - Read The *****ing Manual
    ANSI - American National Standards Institute
    DoD - Department of Defense (USA).
    IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer
    ISA - Industry Standard Architecture

    For thousands more of these TLA's look here

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