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    CMOS/BIOS virii

    There are already documented virii which are able to remove, corrupt, or otherwise make your bios inoperable. Why would anybody mess around playing with clock speed or the likes?
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    Because, if they did it that way, they could make it screw up in ways that people are not used to seeing, thus causing them to take more time to fix it. Also, it is fairly easy to change out a BIOS thingie or turn off the battery and turn it back on, however, there are other things that the BIOS controls that are (at least fairly) irreplacable, and this would make it a bigger problem, and a better virus.

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    doesnt overclocking the cpu via the software-cmos route hardlock the computer when its overdone?

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    PE_CIH Virus will affect the Flash BIOS. It seems to be like ur fear.
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