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Thread: Open Ports

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    Open Ports

    I was wondering if there is an online site that can tell you what ports are not being blocked on a network PC. Sites like Sygate's tell you about the obvious ones like FTP and Telnet ports, but what about those not mentioned on these tests? Is there a way to scan yourself for an open port?

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    If you have another internet connection (even dialup) you can use a tool like NMap to do a full scan yourself. I believe www.dslreports.com does full scans , why don't you just check them out.
    Edit- Look under tools for the scans.
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    You can always try this link:

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    NMap is one of the better, more well-known ones: http://www.insecure.org/
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    can NMAP work on windows? i thought it was strictly *nix
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    they have a port for windows. the last time i checked they only had the win source code for download but theirs a few places around where you can download the binary
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    nmap is great, but u can also actualy spend time to portscan your computer with a portscanner......... it works well and u can elt it go to as high of a number as you want

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