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    Java stuff...


    I was in school, and mentioned java hacking, and how I wanted to learn all about it. Well these jackasses told me there is no such thing, and that it isnt really possible to remotely hack into a computer by typing java in a telnet..

    Is this true? I have not heard much about JH'ing but it could be done, right?? I want to prove those idiots wrong!

    Thanks in advance,
    Josh. H

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    Speaking of idiots.............

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    Google can answer that better than I can....read some tutorials and stuff...you could even print them out for your friends.

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    What your talking about sounds more like some form of scripting exploit or the like.......

    If you tried to hack with Java, I believe the largest problem you would face would be that java runs in a virtual machine.. so even if you were able to find an exploit in a Java program, it would still only be interfacing with the VM.. not the actual OS..

    I could be wrong though.. All I've learnt about Java is by discussing it with friends.. I've never done any real work on it...
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