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Thread: Installing a .hqx ??

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    Installing a .hqx ??

    I have, for about 5 years now, wanted a copy of a game I played on a mac called "Asetrax". If you know nothing about it.. its really cool. I dont own a mac or right now want to but I want the game. I found the file and its has an extension .cpt.hqx . When I open the file as a regular edit in Linux it tells me that I have to convert it with BinHex 4.0. On Tucows I downloaded a PKZIP 2.5 which says it has binhex in it or can do the same thing... I dont know but anyways its an exe and I cant install that either. I dont know if its impossible or if I am just using the wrong commands. help if you can... I'm using Caldera 3.1.1 server (if you want to know) thanks

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    Its an exe? I thought that was a windows file. Anyway, you are going to have to get a windows emulator (like wine) if you want to run it from linux. That is, if its a windows program. If it is mac, then you need a mac emulator (not even sure if there is one).
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    Would this page and it's download links help? At the very bottom of the page are some links to *nix .hqx decoders. And with a little more Mr. Google... Try here for downloading mcvert. The C source for the other one is at the first page.
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