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Thread: com port 1 or usb ?

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    com port 1 or usb ?

    K folks HI

    This was nagging me silly.

    I did a full on wipe out with a box and then installed windows XP, but for some reason it didnt want to pick up the keyboard. When it comes to the (enter a user part) = problem, you cant skip that either. Now the mouse worked and so did the board up until we type in details.
    I did an f8 debug mode on restart (even though it hadnt loaded right up) but okay though, i'l do an update at microsoft...did it pick that fault up ? (good guess) Nope. + it wasnt an american switch to the english for the keyboard either.
    + Bios perhaps ?

    I thought right usb time + (hardware devices) my modem didnt react but it did with f8 in debug SOMETIMES ?? and so did the board ? i had switched mouses by then so i wasnt 100%....(just the board and adsl modem for usb)

    Overall the usb's were not playing...i looked for faults and i got a com port 1 ?
    Did the uninstall/upgrade pretty much everything i could do in that scene..

    Ive forgotten more that i did.


    Can you solve this answer ? cus it took me a good 2 days....

    Also it runs perfectly now but instead of com port 1 its on port 4 ?
    (tell me thats okay cus i think it is)
    but why did it pick 4 and run on that ?

    p.s i did things in many different orders aswell, i did it lots of times...
    (ANYONE else had a similar problem at all)

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    I dont understand the question... Do you mean that your USB devices arent working unless you boot into diagnostic mode (F8)?

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