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Thread: Digicrime.com

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    Yeah, she picked it up!

    This is the other site that's banned... ISP mclain.wa.com

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    Yeah DigiCrime.com has a malicious code in it. Its been up for at least several years...

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    Good thing McAffee protected me from it though... I visited it about a year ago and was (*very*) scared because it came up asking about Unsafe stuff, virus, trojans, etc... I just yanked the phone line out and did a full scan after that... I haven't visited it recently, but I don't plan on it either..., my Virus Definitions are outdated... I guess that if you have the power, your use of it is politically modivated...


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    Eh... most of the stuff I've seen at DigiCrime seems a bit dated, these days... but funny how a lot of it still works. Often fun to go point something like Lynx or Wget at it and read through the code just to see what they're really doing (like opening a window to fully eclipse your desktop and display a weird message). I think I still have an old Javascript page to annoy the you-know-what out of someone who has JavaScript turned on... pops up every few seconds and tells them they have it turned on, that they should turn it off, that it's still on, that they haven't turned it off yet, etc... really annoying stuff (ie. I was bored when I wrote it).

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