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Thread: the new pda cell phone

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    Exclamation the new pda cell phone

    if they came out with a pda cell phone build in. dont the mean that they will maybe able to someday track the location of the caller or by the internet if the pda has the internet caps like a nomal computer so it wont be hard for them to find somebody. and if that is $800 dallors it better be good
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    They have plenty of different PDA Cells out...... and basically they can trace a regular cellphone just as fast as a PDA cellphone..... i mean the PDA doesnt interact w. satilates so its not like a GPS or anything...... its still tracked through the celular lines..... and from what i hear, when u use the internet w. it, your IP and other addresses like that change as you change location.... but i dont know much about PDA security

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